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If you are looking for ways to get a pleasant night’s rest without the interruptions of a noisy sleeper then we have a specially designed mouthpiece that can assist. There are many different gimmicks and contraptions on the market that offer limited results and that aren’t particularly comfortable to use. Our well crafted mouth piece could not be easier to use: all you have to do is to wear it before going to sleep. The way this clever device works is to open up users’ upper airway to help snorers breathe more easily, and in turn sleep better. This snoring stopper or Mandibular Advancement Splint, will ensure that you never have to worry about making awful loud noises whenever you start to sleep and your partner will love you even more for giving it a go. The comfortable to wear device uses a boil-and-bite form of technology, which means that it will mould to your mouth ensuring a high level of comfort. Similar treatments from dentists can cost anywhere up to 40 times what we are charging, and we are confident that you will find them excellent value for money and a worthwhile investment.




Stop Snoring


It is a little unknown fact that women can be just as loud as men when asleep. Clearly this phenomenon is most commonly associated with men and whenever a skit or comedy show highlights it, ninety nine times out of a hundred you will find that it is a man who is at the butt of the joke. In reality the ratio is a lot more balanced with four out of every ten habitual snorers being women. As a result, there are many women who suffer from this problem that are extremely embarrassed and anxious about it, with some feeling particularly unfeminine. So, if your snoring partner happens to be female make them feel comfortable with themselves and turn their attention to our excellent product. It is a fact that as we get older we will become more regular snorers, something that happens sometime after we hit 35 years old. The aspects that make us more disposed to becoming snorers are physiological changes that occur in our body and changes in our lifestyle. It is a condition that affects numerous people from every walk of life, so instead of feeling sorry for yourself take action and do something about it.



Alternative Products are Generally Ineffective


Having spoken to a large number of people that consider themselves regular snorers, we have built up a significant list of treatments that simply do not work. These include tablets, aromatherapy, willpower training, hypnosis, wrist devices & rings, devices that have been designed to counteract the noise made by snorers and devices that flash bright lights whenever a noise is made. A product that appears similar to the SnoreDoctor  is a sports gum shield or mouth guard, but they are ineffective at helping snorers with their nightly problem. This is because they do not provide enough support behind the front teeth and so snoring problems persist whilst wearing them. In addition they are very uncomfortable to wear all night long as the majority of the gum shield is at the front, designed to absorb the impact of a punch to the face. In simple terms a mandibular advancement splint and a sports gum shield, although similar in appearance, are two different things offering two different applications. Other common methods that we know to be ineffective include nasal strips, which help users to breathe through their nose better and do not stop them from being snorers, and expensive sprays. 



Treatments that Do Work


According to both scientific studies and customer feedback there are only three treatments that have been proven to actually work for the majority of snorers. The mandibular advancement device is the first of these, and is, in simple terms, a mouth piece that brings wearers’ jaws forward slightly, thus creating space between the airways whilst firming up the soft palate. The second product is the Continuous Positive Air Pressure Mask and Air Pump, otherwise known as CPAP. Using a face mask and pipe air is pumped into users’ upper airway and can provide immediate relief to those that snore heavily. The drawback with this treatment is that one, it can only be prescribed by a doctor, and two it is very expensive and a hassle to use. The final treatment that has positive results is surgery. There are the obvious inherent risks that all surgery carries plus success varies depending on the cause of the problem. It can be the most effective solution long term, however the overall operation can be highly stressful and a lot of hassle. So think carefully before opting for the surgery route and give one of our SnoreDoctor  products a go first.


Improving Posture is Essential to a Good Night’s Rest


If you are prone to sleeping on your back then your sleeping posture can have a big impact on how noisy you are. For most people the cause of breathing noisily when asleep is the constriction of the upper airway combined with the vibration of the soft palate, so by simply changing one’s posture you can reduce the degree of how much your upper airway constricts whilst sleeping. Special pillows can be bought that ensure you find it difficult to sleep on your back, but offer only a partial solution. For those that are truly determined to stop snoring once and for all, this must be combined with another treatment that has been proven to work. Quality of sleep can be improved by a simple change in posture. Those that sleep with their chin pressed against their chest for example, will find that the upper airway is partially closed making them more serious snorers. A nice and easy solution to help with changing posture for anyone that sleeps on their back is to use one pillow instead of two or to use a thinner pillow. Alternatively consider raising one end of the bed, which some people find very helpful.



Affordable and Affective


Although the SnoreDocotor has been primarily designed to help snorers, an additional benefit is that users with a blocked nose will find it far easier to breathe whilst asleep, helping them breathe through their mouths instead. Those that are mouth breathers will obviously need to be able to continue breathing whilst wearing the snoring mouth piece. This is why the SnoreDoctor  has a very large breathing hole and helps to keep users’ mouths open slightly whilst they are asleep. In fact most users will find it easier to breathe whilst wearing it then without it, and if you are not a snorer but would like to breathe through your mouth more easily then the SnoreDocotor  can help. We have been involved in the treatment of sleep disorders and diagnostics since 1998 and the SnoreDoctor  system was developed as an affective and affordable means of treating snorers. Recommended by sleep clinics, doctors and hospitals throughout the country, Europe and Australia, if you are in need of a SnoreDoctor  snoring guard then, as we normally have in excess of one thousand in stock, dispatches can be made very quickly so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep in no time.

Cleaning Tablets

SnoreDocotor  mouthpiece Cleaning Tablets

SnoreDocotor mouthpiece cleaning tablets have been specially formulated  to help remove stains and kill the bacteria that built up in your SnoreDocotor leaving it with a fresh minty taste and helping it last longer





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